5 Ways To Increase Jio 4G Speed for Mobile & PC

Reliance Jio has been the most trending topic in the last few months but the Jio speed issues and Jio Sim Block are more trending topic after its launch lets see how to increase jio 4g speed

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Do you face similar problems while using Jio?

  • Webpages suddenly stop loading out of nowhere
  • Download speed varies to a great extent while varying from 300kbps to 2Mbps
  • Sometimes download does not even start
  • Facebook, Instagram apps do not load

These are the few problems out of many depending on the area you are living in and also the intensity of the network the results may vary.

But when we check our speed on Speedtest.net you will find that the speed provided by the network is great,check out the screen shot below

This speedtest is done in an remote area and at a peak time of the day so the results may vary where network strength is good.

Now, why is this so?

The network provider is providing great speed but why are we not able to use this?

Did similar questions arise in your mind?

What can be done to overcome these? Let’s find out

How to increase Jio 4G speed?

Let’s start with simple things first.

Method 1: Basic Tweaks

We all might have done these things at initial level but let’s have a look at them one more time

1.The first basic idea that we get when we think of increasing the speed is REBOOT :p

Rebooting is not a bad idea sometimes reboot also solve the problem temporarily but it is to some extent after some time your speed will eventually decrease

2. Switch your data connection On/Off twice or thrice

3. Change preferred network type to 2G or 3G and again switch back to 4G

Go to settings – > mobile networks – > preferred network type

4. Turn on/off Flight Mode for 5 minutes

and so on these things will continue, you may all try your tweaks or comment below if you have any ideas 🙂

Method 2: VPN

Let’s get to next level, basic Gameboy things are done

Getting to the Business

Use of VPN

Currently, for Android users, there are two VPN working perfectly fine with Jio

These VPN can be used to Increase Jio 4g speed

  1. Snap VPN

snap vpn increase jio speed

Turbo VPN

increase jio speed turbo vpn

increase jio 4g speed

These 2 apps are very basic to use, you don’t need to do much to use them

Just a simple procedure of Tap to Connect

Use different servers if speed issues still exist

It takes up to 60 seconds to connect to the server

I have personally tested out these two VPN and are working great for me,

Using mobile hotspot is also working great with these apps as using VPN gives similar effect to the hosted devices that are their network operates under VPN connections

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Method 3: For PC

Use USB tethering  instead of mobile hotspot to increase reliance jio 4g speed

USB tethering internet connections are more stable to use on PC as speed fluctuations are very less

Data transfer is faster and speed is quite stable


Method 4: Using Extenstion (For PC)

The best extension I found after a lot of research is the ZenMate Chrome extension


increase jio 4g speed zenmate

ZenMate acts similar to VPN which allows you to use your internet through their servers which basically means that you are using a secured connection

After installing zenmate you need to signup at their site

Also, you get a 10 days premium trail for use.

I am currently using zenmate on my laptop and it works like a gem there were some issues which made sites load slower and sometimes the sites did not load eventually

We were also facing the problem of images not loading on facebook but after using ZenMate all the problems are sorted out


Method 5: VPN for PC

Use Hotspotshield VPN for PC


These were the 5 methods which have positively responded to the increase jio 4g speed test

I have noticed a significant change in the speed after following these methods

You can try them yourself and leave your response below so that others would know about it.


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