Domino’s 150 Rs Voucher Loot

Loot Dominos 150 Rs Voucher for free

dominos coupons

Method 1:

Trick To Get Rs.150 GV Everytime From Dominos Spin &
Win [ Only For PC ].
Open Spin & Win Offer Page In Incognito.
Spin Wheel — Right Click Anywhere & Select Inspect.
Now Search For “value=”XXXXXX” and replace it with “Rs.
150 E-Voucher”
Example :

<.. input type=“hidden” name=“txtwheelvalue”
id=“txtwheelvalue” value=“Rs. 150 E-Voucher” .. >
Close Inspect & Click Claim Gift.


Method 2:

Dominos Trick To Get Rs.150 GV Everytime

Open Incognito Mode In Chrome And Spin The Wheel And
Click Right Click And Select Inspect Element

<input type=”hidden” name=”txtwheelvalue”

Search this ^^ above line

<input type=”hidden” name=”txtwheelvalue”
id=”txtwheelvalue” value=”Rs. 150 E-Voucher”>
Now Replace value=“Rs. 150 E-Voucher”
Enter Phone Number And Get Rs. 150GV SMS

Method 3:

Copy the following link and paste it in your browser

Replace xxxxxxxxxx with your phone number and open the link



  • Apply domino’s one gv in 3 different orders..
    How to do?
  • First open 3 different browser and make 3 different order
    after payment page apply ur voucher.
  • Apply same voucher in 3 different browser but click
    on apply at same time…
  • Pc user plz use auto clicker…
    Trick is fully worked

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