Simple Way to Get Grammarly Premium Free – July 2017

Yes, you heard it right there is a way to get Grammarly Premium Free and that too without getting way too deeper into technical stuff like creating a .edu account to get access to Grammarly Premium Free.

Why spend 15$ when you can get it for free? Right?

Yes, right

You might have tried all the hectic process for getting a Grammarly Premium account free like


  • Creating a .edu account to get lifetime Grammarly Premium Free access code
  • Creating Tons of referrals just to get a weekly access to Grammarly Premium Free 2017
  • Watched hundreds of videos on Grammarly premium free trial
  • Writing a blog review about Grammarly Premium Free just to get 1 month free access

Still no luck? 

Well you don’t need to worry now, here is a fresh method to get Grammarly Premium Free account

How difficult is it to get?

Well it’s easier than downloading an Android game from Play Store :p

Without wasting much time lets get to it

Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly Premium Free

How to get Grammarly Premium Free?

Step 1: Create an account on FLIKOVER



and use a fresh email id to sign up at Flikover

Note: Do not use temporary email id, you account may get blocked permanently including your IP address

Step 2: Install Flikover 1 and Flikover 2 Plugins

After signing up on flikover you will see 2 options addressing you to install their plugins into your Chrome browser,

This is the most important step in Getting Grammarly Premium Free 

flikover plugin Grammarly Premium Free

Flikover Plugins: Grammarly Premium Free


Flikover Plugins: Grammarly Premium Free step 2

Flikover Plugins: Grammarly Premium Free Step 2

The extensions look something similar to this

Final Step: Get access to Grammarly Premium Free

You are almost done, just on the link below and visit Grammarly premium homepage

Grammarly Premium Account access

Grammarly Premium Account access


That’s it, Congratulations! You have your very own Grammarly Premium Free account

grammarly premium

grammarly premium

grammarly premium

grammarly premium

Note: Do not use any proxy server or any VPN or any Data server to access the flikover account


Those who are familiar with Grammarly, your work is done here. Now for those who don’t know what is Grammarly, here is a brief intro about it,

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a very popular extension to improve your overall English skills which include both Reading and Writing,

Grammarly not only corrects your grammatical mistakes but also makes you write proper English, this extension is a blessing to students who want to improve their writing skills and is also useful for both corporate and non-corporate people

Imagine you are writing a very important email to you boss and it has blunder mistakes but you don’t have time to recheck the email and send it again?

What now?

Chances are that you will get fired from your current job but in the same situation if you are using Grammarly, there is an immediate highlight which says you have been writing stuff incorrectly and asks you to correct it,

See, It helped you save your time as well as Job right? :p

Features provided by Grammarly

  • New document
  • Editing text
  • Exporting document
  • Making corrections
  • Grammarly checks
  • Document and desktop settings
  • Speciality documents
  • Documents statistics
  • Professional proofreading

What is Flikover?

Get Premium Tools
Access on your Chrome browser.

No portable Mozilla needed.

How flikover System Works?

Flikover gives you access to most of the paid services which are really expensive to blogging and bloggers which beginner bloggers cannot afford at the very beginning

Services such as ahref, MOZ, Grammarly, Lynda, MAJESTIC, WordAI, BuzzSumo.

Using chrome plugins.
They will provide you two chrome plugin which has all set to access tools. Simply install it & you will get access to all tools instantly

Does Each user get an individual account?


It’s a GroupBuy facility, means they buy accounts collectively and share it among all users, they cannot provide an individual login to each user.

Do they offer Refund?

They have a refund policy, You can ask for a refund if our service not working properly.

Can they use accounts in Office & Home?

You can use accounts anywhere you want, but do not share accounts with anyone, they have automated reporting system if they detect sharing violation they might ban your account.

Can we share accounts?

they don’t allow sharing of accounts, If their system finds you are sharing account then they will immediately ban your account without any notice.
Did you provide accounts passwords?

They do not provide account usernames and passwords, They provide two verified Chrome plugins that contain all the accounts details, you can access accounts by using our plugin only.

That’s all,

This trick is totally new and has just been discovered actually it’s not a trick, its a service provided officially, so you need not worry,

Keep using, Please like our facebook page and comment below if you are having any issues regarding the use of Grammarly Premium free account,

We will be happy to help you withing few hours of your query!

That’s all for tonight, stay blessed!

Your suggestions are welcome, do comment below at least to say HI!


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