OnePlus Diwali Dash 1.Rs Sale 24-26 October

OnePlus Diwali Sale

OnePlus is launching its first online sale this year after the launch of its official E-commerce store OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale looks similar to the MI 1.RS sale which turned out to be a huge viral sale online, OnePlus Diwali Sale or OnePlus 1Rs sale is one such similar sale where you can buy products for just Rs.1, the main difference between the two sales can be that Oneplus Sale covers a lot of products.

One Plus Diwali Dash Sale 1rs mobile



The OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale popular as Diwali Dash Sale will start from 24th October 2016 and end on 26th October 2016. 

The sale will not be once in 24 hours sale but it will be divided into 3 timings. 12PM ,4PM, and 8PM You can get a chance to participate in the sale 9 times unlike the MI sale which was once in 24 hours, so your chances here are brighter to win cool stuff. OnePlus 1 Rs sale will depend on the dashes you collect, which will be explained shortly.

What the OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale Game?

Game Rules

  1. The Diwali Dash Sale takes place at 12PM, 4PM, and 8PM (IST) each day during Oct 24-26.
  2. To participate in the Diwali Dash Sessions, complete the Entry Challenge beforehand.
  3. At the beginning of each Dash Session, a batch of  rs 1 Mystery Boxes are released through a lucky draw.
  4. The Dash Session ends when all Boxes are exhausted (You need to wait for next turn).
  5. You may keep drawing until you draw a Box, or until all Boxes are taken. There is a brief cool-down period after each draw. Each OnePlus Account is eligible to receive a maximum of one Box only.
  6. Contents of the Box are revealed once you complete your payment of  1Rs.
  7. Unpaid for Boxes expire after three hours.

So the process is simple the OnePlus Diwali sale will take place at 12, 4 and 8 pm respectively and you need to complete the entry challenge beforehand. Every user will get 1 mystery box through the lucky draw and you need to keep drawing until all the boxes are exhausted or you draw a box.

Once you draw a box you need to make payment within 3 hours, else your box will expire that means you lost a golden opportunity (Only a Fool will not pay Rs.1).


How to Participate in OnePlus Diwali Dash Sale?

It’s a 5 min registration process but to gather your dashes you need to work hard

5 step process and you are ready to go

oneplus diwali dash entry challenge

  1. Get your OnePlus Account ready – create an account
  2. Prove it’s you – verify your mobile number using OTP
  3. Tell us where to ship your loot – Enter your shipping address
  4. Spread the word! – Share it on social platforms

Step 1:

Oneplus diwali sale registration

So you can signup using your email address or to shorten up the process use your facebook or google plus

(I suggest to use facebook as sharing on social media will be a lot easier for you)

Step 2:

oneplus dash diwali sale registration

Here I used google to signup

Just click Allow and proceed

Step 3:

Oneplus 1rs sale

Next page you will be asked to generate your username, create a username of your choice or use the suggested username on the given page

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Step 4:


Verify your mobile number using the OTP receivedoneplus diwali dash

Step 5:

Enter your shipping address details to complete the step 5

oneplus sale diwali

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Step 6:

Share the event on social media and your are done

oneplus diwali sale 2016

Voila, you are done!


Here is how the Oneplus Diwali dash index looks like

oneplus diwali dash index

the current tier prize is 7, you need to keep sharing to increase the dash index

as stated below the image

Dash index is calculated based on the number of pageviews,qualified participants, and social media shares

Tricks to buy products at Rs.1 Oneplus Diwali dash sale

  1. Your chances of drawing a Box depends on your Dash Level.
  2. Level up by registering your OnePlus devices, successfully inviting friends to sign up, or purchasing from the OnePlus Store (India).
  3. Entry Challenge, Dash Level, and payment statuses may take up to 5 minutes to be updated – try refreshing your browser at timely intervals.
  4. Possible contents of the Box depend on event participation levels. Share the event page on social media to expand the prize pool!

Terms and Conditions

  • For products sold at  1 during the Diwali Dash Sale, one plus return policy is not applicable.
  • OnePlus & Mobitech Creations reserve the right to final decision on the interpretation of these Rules. Collected data may by used at one plus or

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Script for Autobuy on Oneplus Diwali Dash Sale

Stay tuned it will be updated on sale day


Prizes to be won on Oneplus Diwali Dash Rs.1 sale



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