How to Unblock JIO Sim using PUK Code/Pin [Tutorial]

Problem with JIO:

How to Unblock JIO Sim using PUK Code/Pin

Unblock JIO Sim

1. Frequent Call drops:

There has been a serious call drop problem with Reliance Jio. Unblocked JIO sim is observed to perform better with respect to other sims. You have to try at least 5 times before you could connect a call, and not only that if a call connects too, there is a noise on the line, sometimes you hear a third person call and the call disconnects.


There is a heavy load on internet connectivity and sometimes the internet connectivity goes offline and you need to switch on and off between the connectivity, speed cap is also an issue with the JIO. Various Tricks or tips are provided but all useless in this case

3.Hotspot problem

We thought we would buy a single JIO sim between common family or friends and use the hotspot to use the internet free but unfortunately, this is not the case. The jio sim does not work efficiently on hotspot, the receiver does not get maximum speed and also there is a disconnection problem

4.Sim block issues

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly there are some sim block issues where the sim card gets blocked and you need to enter the PUK code or PIN

What is PUK?


A PUK or ”Personal Unlocking Key” is a security feature on mobile devices that protects your SIM card. A PUK code is required when a SIM Card PIN code has been entered incorrectly. You can also change your PIN code by first entering a wrong PIN code 3 times. You will now be asked for your PUK code. Enter the PUK code to unlock your SIM card. Afterwards, you can choose a new PIN code.


How to get your PUK code for JIO?

Step 1:

Call on 18008899999 from any other mobile on this TOLL-FREE number

Step 2:

Chose your preffered language and speak to the customer serivce operator

Step 3:

Tell them you want to speak to JIO customer care

Step 4:

Verify all the details he enquires that you provided at the time of verification

Step 5:

You will get your PUK code write it down somewhere safe

Step 6:

Enter the PUK code on blocked sim card


You will be asked to enter new PIN

enter any new pin and remember it

Step 8:

Unblock jio sim

Go to Sim settings and disable PUK

You can get the Unblock JIO PUK code via email too, just mail them at [email protected] and they will reply you within 72 hours with your PUK Code


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